Hi, my name is Tim Vermaercke and I’m a 24 year old web developer from Deinze, Belgium. Currently, I’m working at Wijs, a top-notch digital agency based in Ghent.

My specialities are developing big custom data websites and building solid webapps which communicate with complex API’s and CRM-systems.

I’m also a passionate boy scout, my totem is parate plichtsbewuste steenbok, which basically means prepared dutiful capricorn. I’m currently one of the three group leaders in Scouting Deinze.


Since June 2014, I’m the proud holder of the bachelor’s degree Professional Development as a part of the Multimediaproduction-field of study. I graduated magna cum laude at the Artevelde University College.

During my education, I learned about building webapps with lots of different technologies. I know quite a lot about PHP, SQL and C#. Javascript (frameworks and libraries), HTML and CSS don’t have a lot of secrets for me as well.

Today, I mainly build webapps with PHP frameworks such as Symfony 2 and Laravel. I know a thing or two about handling a JavaScript Framework as well (AngularJS, Node.js, …)


Contact me

Tim Vermaercke: Twitter/LinkedIn/GitHub

Tim Vermaercke